Gidget of Malibu

Courtesy Photos
The original "Gidget" Kathy Kohner -Zuckerman

By Ken Ige, Star-Bulletin
Kathy Kohner was the inspiration for 1960s surfer girl "Gidget."

By Dennis Oda, Star-Bulletin
Kohner turned 60 Friday.
Here, she caught up with surfing buddy Ted Gugelyk at the Kahala Mandarin Hotel.

By Dennis Oda, Star-Bulletin
Kathy Kohner, left, gets a hug from her college roommate Kathy Hayden.
They were at Oregon State together and got together at Duke's Restaurant
Friday night to celebrate Kohner's 60th birthday and 36th wedding anniversary.

Kathy doesn't like this picture of her taken casually by Tom McBride
A small group of old friends from Malibu surfing days dropped by @ Duke's in Malibu
to say hello - February 21, 2006 - we all thought she looks great!

Photo by Tom McBride @ Duke's in Malibu
Duke Michael (Puerto Rico) - "Mysto" (missing toe) George (Pacific Palisades)
Tom Powell (Hawaii) - Bill Royer

Gidget ticket

A new one-hour documentary premiered October 8, 2006 at the Malibu Celebration of Film festival at the Smothers Theater
Pepperdine University, Malibu, California.
Produced by Brian Gillogly and Master Communication



Hello friends, 
Well... I took a chance and went to Malibu, Pepperdine U. to see the latest episode in the world of Kathy Kohner: Gidget (the accidental icon). 
Tom "Dutch" Vandervoort and his wife Sharon met my wife, Jan, and me at the Malibu Inn for a pre-movie dinner. 
Of course lots of stories were told and the food was OK. 
After dinner we drove up the hill to the theater. 
Before the film started I saw Frayne Higgason outside and we yawed a bit. 
He said Art Newman was supposed to come (but didn't). 
It was strange being in the midst of a crowd where I didn't know anyone - Kathy came over and was very friendly. 
Prior to the movie starting, Kathy asked that those of us in the audience who'd surfed at the same time at Malibu 50 years ago "please stand up". 
There were about six of us so we got a nice round of applause (maybe for still being alive?). 
The movie was OK, a bit long and much was made of the movies and TV which followed the publication of her father's book. 
The filmed interviews with 3 of my friends; Tubesteak, Tom Powell and Bill Royer (plus others), were pretty funny - thank goodness for humor... 
It's worth seeing once, if you get the chance. 
Afterward, I saw Denny Aaberg and Jim Ganzer (Jimmy Z sportswear and artist). 
We left shortly after the film.
Gidget wasn't the only girl or woman surfing at that time and Tom Powell (or was it Tubesteak?) said it best about the whole book-movie thing:, 
"It ruined everything" 
The best to all of you who are still the best !  
Tom McBride 

Nice review.

We went to Hollywood in Tom Vandervoort's soft top VW van to see the (original) movie when it came out.  After the movie we all made comments and Tubesteak said that it was the beginning of the end and we did BA's out the sunroof down Hollwood Blvd.

It was the beginning of the end of an era, but it was inevitable and would have happened sooner or later.  This is a capatalistic world that we live in and profit is the prime mover.  Some muslims are trying to change things, but unfortunately they have no respect for infidels and believe that they will be rewarded for their actions.  The capitalists are at the top of the chain and have no regard for those at the bottom.
Fortunately we are somewhere in the middle.

The Gidget phenomenon was only a part of the demise of our idyllic Malibu.
Skegs, fiberglass and foam, leashes, contests, and transportation mobility are also major contributors.

There are no solutions.  We have to find our peace and happiness within ourselves and be with the people we respect and enjoy.

Tom Powell